Tuesday, August 18, 2009


No excuses, I'm tired and overworked. I'll post with regularity starting next week when I can prepare much better than I am able to now. Enjoy a little comic love -

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So beautiful

This is truly one of the most moving, beautiful videos I've ever seen. This girl is amazingly talented and she tells a story so beautifully. I'll admit it, I did tear up. The music is beautiful as well and you might recognize it. Refer to the first couple of comments on the page youtube; they explaine both the origin of the music and the story she's telling. It truly took my breath away. THIS is true talent.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love this song :)

A few months ago, when I first received this album (the 2 DVD + Cd, of course), I fell in love with the song you're listening to right now, Just the Way You Are. The video is cute and I like how Kuu-chan has toned down her makeup for it, but there is something about the song that makes me grin when I hear it. It always cheers me up and has a good message (esp if you don't speak Japanese and part of the chorus is all you can understand). I've included Taboo in my playlist because I'm completely addicted with it. I don't care for her look in the beginning of the video, but she looks gorgeous in the pseudo-scout outfit, especially when she gives that little smile when she finds the guys (you'd have to watch to see what I mean).
Here's her video for 'ShowGirl', which I recommend people watching. It's very cute and her makeup is GORGEOUS! I especially like her makeup in the stage show.

Unfortunately, it's not available to add to the playlist. I'll add different songs and rotate out as I think of it :) and they won't all be Kuu-chan, either. As you can see, I have a. . .well. . . .ecclectic taste in music. Unfortunately the site I looked on doesn't have eveyrone I like. I still have no clue how they can have Anna Tsuchiya but not Matt Dusk or The Pierces. It's just kind of random, you know?

. . . .any-hoo. . . . .


Ok, I finally found the list! These are the nail polishes I own. . . .and try to remember to actually use.

1) NutraNail Growth with Aloe - When I just buff my nails, I use this to moisturize my cuticles and to clean the nail bed
2) Sinful Colors in Paris #856 - Love this, but it takes 3 coats to even out the color on my nails. Makes it a pain in my ass to remove, but because it's all glittery, you don't notice chips and nicks
3) O.P.I. in I'm Not Really A Waitress - this has to be my favorite color! Plus, it only takes one coat to cover my nail!
4) FingerPaints in Rub My Feet (only use this on my toes, coincidentally)
5) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Red Carpet - This one is not only inexpensive, but it will also coat the nail in one stroke, it's really awesome!
6) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Strobe Light - best for a sparkly top coat
7) Total Nail RX Build Me Up - My clear coat polish
Two on top:
8) Lunasol in Beige Pink #15 - I was kind of disappointed in this one. It was waaaaaaaaay too sheer for my nails. I'll probably give it away.
9) Essie in Not Just a Pretty Face - same as above; I could do multiple coats but these two colors are such that if you do multiple coats, they don't like to go on evenly.

With the darker polishes, reds especially, make sure you first apply a clear coat. Not only will it make the polish last longer and provide a smoother surface, but it will prevent the color from staining the nail bed. Have you ever noticed that when you remove red nail polish, your nails will typically have a yellow tone all of a sudden?

I know that I don't have as many polishes as most people, but you'll learn pretty quickly that if something doesn't work for me, I get rid of it pretty quickly. If I'm not going to use it, I'll find someone who can. Yeah, I'm kind of anti-pack rat.

I'm sorry it's been a week since the last post. Mad crazy here at work; I'm going to try to do better!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A nail question

I don't paint my nails often. Now don't get me wrong, I take very good care of my nails and hands; I'm rather fanatical about it, really. I have about four tins of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme and apply all the time during the day (after applying thick hand lotion). Right now, I'm using KOSE CoenRich Q10 Whitening because it's super thick and quite hydrating for my hands. Ironically, from the neck up my face is extremely oily, but from the neck down. . . .well let's just say I think all my sebum glands appear to be located above my neck. Anyway, I have a picture of what nail polish I do have, but I seem to have forgotten the product list.

Of course I did. It's been a week, I swear.

I tend to stick to shinier types of polish if I do use them. My main requisite is that the color has to be thick in one coat. Most polish takes at least 3 coats to cover my nails and not only does it take a long time to get done, but the polish never has the chance to dry hard so nicks are easy to come by and then it becomes a pain in the ass to remove! Usually, I simply file and buff my nails; they buff to a nice shine and don't require polish. I'll sometimes apply clear polish because it helps prevent breakage;I have wide, short nail beds and that's a failure point for many. I'd like to know what kind of polish everyone uses. You can see what I mean by a polish problem below. It's like my lips; my nails naturally have a very strong color that is difficult to cover. Anything I should try, or should I just stick to painting my toes?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yay! St. Clare Sebum Treatment Set

Man, I was so disappointed! I'm sure this product worked wonders for others. I received this quite a time ago, but I just tried it a few weeks ago. Now, I've said it time and time again that I have very sensitive skin. Occasionally I do something boneheaded and must be reminded of this fact. This wasn't a boneheaded thing, but it IS a reminder.
This goes on in three parts, left to right in the picture. Really, there are two reasons I'm not going into how to apply this: 1) Fuzkitty already went through the steps here http://www.fuzkittie.com/2009/06/st-clare-sebum-treatment-set.html and 2) I haven't figured out how to work the 'expand/teaser' thing as of yet. I'm somewhat computer. . . well, slow, so bear with me.
Anyway, I applied this to my nose and waited the correct period of time. I should have paid attention to everyone saying 'if you have fine hair, don't get this stuff on it!' That was sign one that I should have refrained.
When I pulled it off, I expected my nose to be a bit red. Come on, I just pulled a layer or two of skin off! What I didn't expect was the feeling of fire on my nose, the multitude of bumps, or the multiple days of redness. I haven't experienced that much itchiness since I last tried on a mohair sweater (didn't know I was allergic to mohair at the time, get off my back!)!
This is a really short review, but truthfully, there isn't much to say. Most people really really loved it; if you have sensitive skin, I seriously recommend you stay away. I think I'll stick with my Naris UP. *sigh*
Oh! My nose did finally return to normal. The clown look just isn't for me.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Ok, I was all set to put up a new skincare post, but my USB crapped out. I'll work tonight on transferring the photos. Until then, enjoy this group; I'm currently obsessed with them! The following songs are off their album 'Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge'. If they sound familar, they had two songs on Gossip Girl and did a duet with The All-American Rejects ('Another Heart Calls'). Give each a try, they all are stand alone when it comes to the sound. Most fans love Secret and Three Wishes the most. Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

GIVEAWAY! (need I say more?)


People, check out this blog and enter her contest!

I'll get back to the beauty stuff tomorrow; I finally took pics this weekend but wouldn't you know it, I forgot my USB stick to transfer them!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet song for the day!

Seriously, I love this band! Both the video below and the song are hilarious and it's a really good album all around. I was plesantly suprised that they were able to get damn near everyone back! It shows that they all have a good sense of humor about having done the movie, especially William Zabka (who played Johnny). Did you know he was actually nominated for an Acadmey Award? For directing, not acting :). Interesting trivia, he really did get into karate after doing the movie and he does all of the 'action' scenes in the video himself.

Enjoy! This will get stuck in your head!

Did you see the shower curtain costume in the video?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It'd be funny. . .if it weren't so true

I'm taking a tiny break from posting on skincare, makeup, whatever. I don't want this blog to be totally structured around beauty; there are plenty of blogs out there like that already. Plus, if I don't think in a linear pattern, why should I write that way?

Anyone who knows me knows that I live for bitter, subtle, dry sarcasm like the below. I'm a huge fan of http://www.despair.com/.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disturbing . . .

I haven't posted the last couple of days, I know. It's been crazy here at work and frankly. . . I'm just too lazy and tired. But here's my PSA for the day:

Remember: Always use sunscreen! You DON'T want to end up like this guy!

Mad props to http://www.i-am-bored.com/ for this picture!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don't want to be here today!

Yup, yet another Saturday here at work, trying desperately to catch up. Eh, at least I still have a job, right? Anyway, on to something short!

Being fair skinned, I am obsessed with skin protection. The last time I had a sunburn I was 13. My sister and I were building an Olympic sized swimming pool for bugs (complete with seashell bleachers) one summer in Galveston, TX. Hey, anyone can build a castle, but it takes talent to figure out where the water table is so that the pool fills it self after a certain depth! I did have sunscreen on, but I moved very little for almost 2 hours while working on the pool. The burn was so bad that when I went back to school, I had to stand at the back of the class because I couldn't sit down. I couldn't participate in gym either because I couldn't change clothes without help and a lot of pain; that I didn't mind so much :). I haven't worn shorts since I was 14, nor sleeveless tops since 15. This includes the 4 years of marching I did in High School; I wore long pants and long sleeved shirts during practice. Because I was in the guard, we had leather gloves that allowed us a better grip. Yeah, I wore leather gloves in the Texas summer heat. I think I was the only one without a farmer's tan by the end of the season.

Ok, that was longer than I anticipated. I didn't remember to take a picture of the body sun screen I used, so I hope I'm forgiven! Below is what I use for my face on a daily basis:

I don't trust the SPF in powder makeup; it's just too easy to miss spaces. I want something dedicated to skin protection. If you've read previous posts, I have oily, sensitive, acne prone, pale skin. It's taken me a long time to find facial sunscreen that works for me. About half an hour before I leave work, I'll go splash my face with water and dab it to remove some of the oil to allow for absorption. Then, back at my desk, I'll use the Acnes SPF 19 PA++ all over my face; don't forget to use a dabbing motion, not a swipe. The KOSE Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 White SPF 50 PA++ is used for the areas on my face that get the most sun. Before I elaborate, I have some trivia!

No one I know has ever answered this correctly: What two places on your body are most likely to develop skin cancer?

Answer: the Nose (duh) and the ears.

No one ever thinks of their ears! However if you wear a cap, your face will be shaded, but what won't? My mum's best friend (who's an RN) told me that. I make sure to apply the Q10 to my nose, cheeks, and ears. Another thing I do to help my skin is I carry an umbrella wherever I go. I call it my portable shade machine. This is the umbrella I use (forgot to take a pic, again!)

It's called the Black Dahlia; not only is it great for rain, but it's also coated with a UV protector (50+) so it's not just blocking the direct sun, but the UV rays as well. When it's 105 Fahrenheit outside, this baby is AWESOME! It'll help prevent sunspots as well; remember that birth control is one of many medicines that make one prone to sun spots.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mihoko haul!

More toys! Yay! http://mihokofamily.com/

The white packet with the face on the front is a collection of oil control sheets. I won't go into that because what more can be said? Truthfully, I don't have much use for these, my face is just too oily! I do keep them handy anyway; they are great for sopping up my most oily areas (nose, forehead, etc).

The pink packets are Angel Cotton Purified Water Pads. These are nice for that second half of the day when everything feels heavy on your face. After blotting, sit there with the pads on your face for a few minutes. They are great for hydrating. I can't tell how they affect make up because truthfully, except for my eyes and lip balm, I don't really wear makeup. The weather has been 100+ degrees every day (over 37 degrees C) and humid as all get out. Why bother when I'm going to sweat it all off in about 15 minutes (in the morning; immediately in the afternoon). I like the ACPWPads, I feel refreshed after using them and they are good for prepping my skin in the afternoon for afternoon sunscreen application.

The last pack is a great find (Japan Lucky Hair Bang Shaper)! I do have bangs but have always had difficulty in styling them in the right angle. Another problem is that because I have oily skin, it's taken me a while to figure that I have to use hairspray to keep my bangs from getting oily from touching my forehead . This little tool is great; you clip it on your bangs and slowly drag it down to the end. I figured out that it works better if you go straight down. Then all I have to do is take a finger and sweep it to the side; my bangs are perfect! I've not had a bad bang day since! Since I shower at night, I sleep with my bangs clipped back. In the morning, I just spritz my bangs lightly with water and then do a quick sweep with the bang clip. It's made hairstyling so simple for me! Strangely, it was my favorite buy.

Not much to say today. . .it's too hot. . . .


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If only. . .

This site is awesome in a way that true nurds (like myself) truly appreciate. I feel like buying some more magnets. . . .they make sweet chip clips.


If I had a cat, I'd totally make this. Of course, I'd also have to cover the cardboard in spare cloth and I'm sure the cat would request a pad. Just because it's homemade doesn't mean it has to be aesthetically offensive!

Remember the cardinal rule of pets: Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yet another haul!

I was sooooo excited to see the following in my mailbox yesterday:

Lot's of pics with today's posts, so I'll try to smoosh them down.

My package was from the most adorable shop in Singapore, 'The Little Happyshop'. Anything with that title is bound to be super cute.

Something that will keep me going back to a shop is something like the above. Someone took the time to jot me down a little thank you note. It makes one feel all farm and wuzzy, right? Anyway, onto the loot.
Their stock is entirely handpicked and adorable in a not so sugar shocked way. I'm definitely going back to get the below.


They can get a bit expensive, but it's very high quality and they do have a sale area. In fact, everything I purchased is from their sale area.

Rainy Day stationary

This comes with two types of stationary, envelopes, and stickers. Very awesome!

This is a 2009 schedule book; there's still enough time in the year to make it worth the price (on sale for $3.50). I loved the little doodles inside as well as the free note book in the back. The words next to the child is 'The Little Girl Is Me'

Lastly, my favorite buy. Have any of you gone to see the Pixar film 'Up'? If you haven't, you should. It's one of the sweetest movies I've ever seen (I cried during most of the marriage montage). This reminded me so much of that movie:

The front of the pad says: I would like to travel somewhere unknown...until it gets dark

I really hope some of you can make it over there. Check out the hand made bags; I'm completely in love with the Green Sling. Hopefully it'll go on sale soon because I can't justify the cost!

Not a bad article

I've seen a lot of dieting going around my favorite blogs. I thought I'd add my two cents and I have about $100 more to say, but I won't; not now anyway. I receive daily e-mails from Real Age.com and Health.com; I recommend signing up for them. They aren't always awesome, but it reminds me of some things I should be doing :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Sasa Haul!

Lookie what I found in the mail!

My haul from Sasa! Yay!

Here's what I purchased:

1 ISQUEEN hands kit
2 boxes Naris UP Memotia Wrinkle Eye Mask
2 KOSE Coen Rich Q10 White UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++ Smooth Touch (the silver tubes)
1 The Cancer Council Australia Sun Care Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Gloss
2 KOSE Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Hand & Finger (the orange tubes)
1 Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidation Whitening
1 Silk Whitia Lip Balm Rose Plus Vitamin E Luminous Lip Balm

They sent me some treats too:

1 ISQueen Rice F/G: High Performance Pure Cotton
1 Sasa 100% cotton squares
1 Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask

You read that right, Sasa gave me one full box of the Silk Whitia masks free! I'm giving a total shout out to Fuzkittie here. I, too, am addicted to masks and was excited to give Silk Whitia a try on her recommendation. OH MY . . . WOW! My problem with a lot of masks is that they dry up before I'm done; the problem is mainly my forehead, I have to keep wetting it to keep it on the skin. The Silk Whitia came out so drenched in serum that after 20 minutes, there was enough moisture to apply the same mask to my neck for 10 minutes, then 5 minutes on each arm! These are totally worth every penny, my skin was soft and well moisturized without being oily.

I like the hand mask in the hand kit, but I can't use the lotion (the smell makes me sneeze). The mask is nice and thick and I'll pull on my bumble bee cotton gloves so that I can keep doing things during the 15 minutes that the mask is doing it's work. It works pretty well if you can't get in to get a wax hand softening treatment at the salon.

I really like the eye masks. It comes in two separate things: the pads in a container and the serum in a sealed pouch. You combine it after opening the package; it's a good idea because it gives the product longer shelf life. Anyway, I use these on the off days that I'm not using the full face masks. My eyes feel well rested; I don't know if it helps with the lines under my eyes, but I'm not worried about that so much. I've had those eyes since I was little; they are my version of bags, I suppose.

In reference to the lotions, I'm in LOVE! The silver tubes I use on my face; I first apply my principal sunscreen (I'll post on that later), then dab the KOSE on my cheeks, nose, and ears (the places most susceptible to the sun) as well as my neck. It hasn't made me break out, so I'm very happy.

I really wanted to get a before picture of my hands prior to using the Hand & Nail cream. I won't know if it really whitens unless I do. Unfortunately, my camera sucks, so bleh. Anyway, this cream is soooooo thick, I love it! I have one tube at home and one that sits at my desk here at work. I highly recommend it!

Lastly, the lip stuff. I really liked the Silk Whitia; if you like the smell of roses, then this is for you. It doesn't smell as natural as my rosebud salve, but it's not unpleasant, either. It moisturizes beautifully and is great to carry around when you can't carry around the salve. The Australian lip gloss surprised me. It's a peachy color and is rrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllyyyyy shiny! If you like shiny lips, this is perfect for you. I like it, it feels ok, but I'm not really into shiny lips; I keep the uber shine to the center of my lips to make them look fuller. However, the proceeds went to a good cause, so that's pretty good.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

FlyAway Jewlery haul. . .SWEET!

I received some jewelry in the mail a couple of days ago. I've been so excited to get these in; unfortunately my pictures just didn't measure up to theirs. Jheneal & Jheanelle, who make these pieces themselves, gave me permission to post theirs. Trust me, the jewelry looks EXACTLY like the pictures, they are GORGEOUS! I did get pictures of the simple but super cute packaging. I had intended these as gifts. . .they are going to be so difficult to give up!
Simple but so very cute!
These are the three pieces I bought:
La Violeta
Secret Garden (the locket works!)
& Off With Her Head

Seriously, check out their stuff, very cute and my kind of girlie: sweet and pretty without giving you a cavity. Plus, they are on their shipping. My order came in only three days!

I'm seriously considering going back to get Parisian Rose for myself :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

iMomoko haul, YAY!!!

I received some new toys in the mail. . . not many, but new toys.

I purchased two kits of NARIS Up Eggshell + Charcoal Mask. Below are all the samples I received with them! Yay free (the only 4 letter word better than 'sale')!

I tried the mask yesterday; I would have pictures, but my camera is still new and I'm not acquainted with it as of yet. Anyway, I was a little disappointed. I've heard it talked up on all these other sites, but this one didn't do anything more for me than what I've experienced using the Freeman Cucumber peels from Ulta 3 (really inexpensive). I'll have to use it some more to see if maybe it'll help improve my skin in time.

I did notice that I had some temporary pore tightening, but it didn't do much in the way of removing black-heads. Then again, remember I have really oily skin. On the recommendation of Kimoko (read her LiveJournal:Taciturnity Serenity!), I'm going to try Neutrogena's Wave scrubby thing. Maybe using these both in conjunction will provide more results.

Now, what to do with the samples . . . . . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's all about the lips!

Sorry to keep anyone waiting! Here’s my awaited lip treatment section. You are going to roll your eyes when you see how easy it is. Background: My sister was on Accutane a year ago. The long and the short of it is that Accutane really dries out one’s skin; my sister was living on lip balm. No exaggeration, she had to apply it between 20 and 30 times a day – her colleagues started to question an ‘addiction’. To prevent her lips from chapping and to allow them to absorb balm better, she started the first step of the routine. After she and I had a chat, we developed all three. Even her doctor complimented her on how healthy her lips looked. I started doing the treatment myself and continue to do it twice a day, every day. Below is everything I use:

Yup! That’s it (minus the cup)!

Step 1: After you brush your teeth, wash off your toothbrush. If you have a batter operated toothbrush (like I do), do not turn it back on. Just gently circulate the bristles around your lips. Make sure the brush is wet and go just beyond the lip line; your lips, neck, and hands are the first to show age and the most difficult to hide. I do a couple of rounds. This does two things: not only does it exfoliate, but it stimulates blood flow. You’ll notice that your lips are just a little puffy for a minute or two. When done, just flush your lips with water to remove the excess skin.

Step 2: Using your ring finger, dab (DAB) eye cream on your lips. Get in the corners and go just beyond your lip line. You want to dab it in because, like your eyes, your lips are actually quite delicate and filled with lines. You want to get the cream all the way in there. You don’t have to dab until it’s completely absorbed. While you wait for it to absorb, you may as well apply eye cream to your eyes at the same time. I have a different eye cream for my eyes and lips; you don’t need the most expensive for your lips because you can apply balms and such. I use Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Eye Cream. We decided to use eye cream because it’s meant to be used on the most delicate skin and is meant to be absorbed quickly and completely. Body lotion is just too thick (but can be used in an absolute pinch).

Step 3: After the eye cream has completely been absorbed, I then dab some of my all time favorite salve, Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’ve been using this stuff since my early teens, it’s fantastic! Keep this tin at home at home; do not carry this stuff with you during the summer. Much like leaving lip sticks in the car or tossing one in the dryer, it will melt. I have one I carry with me; I melted one tin and transferred it to a glass container with a screw top. Never carry it in your pocket! It will melt there too. Anyway, this stuff is awesome and one tin lasts a long time. Your lips will be glossy for about 5 to 10 minutes, then the oil absorbs and you get a pretty semi-gloss finish afterwards. At night I apply this to the rim outside my lips for moisture.

You don’t need expensive $30 exfoliating lip sticks, just a toothbrush, eye cream (which you should already have), and some salve. The eye cream and salve together coast less than those exfoliating sticks, work better, and last longer.

If you want an example of the aging lips thing, just watch Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. I remember seeing it in the movies and everyone going on and on about how great Demi Moore looks. Go to the showdown scene on the top of the observatory (before she shoots the Angels). They do a close up where she says ‘Why be an Angel, when I can be a god?’ They really should’t have done such a close up shot; it’s more obvious on the big screen, but you can see the cracks around her mouth where her lip color has started to bleed. That’s one thing that can’t be lifted or stretched, so take care of your lips! I always keep a stick of either Burt’s Bees original lip balm (the peppermint oil makes your lips feel cool) or Soft Lips in Peppermint nearby.

Oh, and try not to bite your lips.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Skincare routines

I see on a lot of blogs people asking how long it takes before one sees results in their new skincare routine. I suppose it'd different for most people. I am a quadruple threat: very pale, very sensitive, very oily, and prone to acne. Especially if you are prone to acne, the results really take longer. I tend to break out twice a month (at the beginning and end of my Luteal phase). I usually hold off on giving my thumbs up for a beauty product until I've been using it for a month. It could just be that I started to use it during the time where my skin naturally starts to clear up, but then I continue to break out.

Unlike your hair, your skin does not like to continuously change a routine. As anyone who has ever tried Proactive or Accutane; I've never met a person who's tried these things who experienced an immediate improvement. Usually it's quite the opposite, it gets much worse for a few weeks before improvement starts.

My best advice is to be patient. When you try new products, pay attention to how they affect your skin. I'll discuss my current routine and how I figured out what order they should be applied. It's very much a trial and error thing. However, if it burns, stop using it. That's one of the reactions that you shouldn't be patient about. I learned that mistake trying Muriad. Ow.

I won't lie, either. I'm totally jealous of all of you who have 'normal' skin.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The embarassment of Ezcema, the pain of Psoriasis

I was washing my hair last night and thought over the fact that I had not posted this yet. I have patches of Psoriasis at the base of my scalp and some Eczema on my hands. Several years ago, I was talking to a coworker about something completely different and she noticed that I was repeatedly scratching my palm. Being a mother, she didn't ask to see my hands, she just grabbed them.

'Girl, that's Eczema. You need to get that treated.'

Eczema was something I had heard of, but didn't really understand. I went to the doctor's office two days later and was diagnosed. I told her something my coworker suggested to me and the doctor concurred. I went home, did the treatment, and haven't had a problem since.

What did both my coworker and the doctor suggest? Wash with tar coal shampoo. If this doesn't sound familiar, Neutrogena makes one called T-Gel. Here's a list of just how many different types there are: http://www.drugs.com/cons/t-gel-topical.html. I seriously believe you can find it anywhere, which is even better!

It's great because there are many generic forms so it's fairly inexpensive and it really works! I use it 2 to 3 times a week and I haven't had a problem with E or P in about three years. I also have a fragrance allergy and I really rather detest overly flowery smelling products. T-Gel is sort of medicinal, but very clean smelling. Of course, it also has the added benefit of preventing dandruff and contributes to a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is always a good thing.

Here's to not itching! Yay!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Makeup with Eyeglasses

Fuzkittie had a great article today on doing eye makeup for those with glasses. I suggest you read it!


Her tips were spot on; frames bring the focus to your eyes in the first place so one wants to keep the eye makeup clean and simple. One thing not mentioned, though, is that how you do your make-up also depends on your prescription.

If you are near-sighted (like me!), your lenses will tend to make your eyes appear a little smaller. The opposite is true for far-sighted; not a huge leap, it's like a magnifying glass next to your eye. A near-sighted person would want to create a clean eye with an emphasis on opening the appearance. I have a bit of a double edged sword. I'm near-sighted and also have deep set, somewhat small eyes. I'm just all trouble, aren't I?

Diary of a Shopper has inspired me to do a diddy on my lip care suggestions. I'll post that up when I can take pictures of what I can use :). COME ON CAMERA!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes my job wins

Conversation with next desk coworker:

Me: Here are your papers back. You can have the rubber bands, too. I usually end up with four or five on my wrist by the time I get to the train.
Her: You know Sherry? Have you seen her with these up in her hair? (holds up black clip used to hold lots of papers together)
Me: Yeah
Her: I told her ‘Sheri, don’t be ghetto. Don’t be ghetto.’
Me: *laughing* Usually when I can’t find a hair thing, I look for the nearest writing implement to pull my hair up.
Her: Yeah, but at least it’s your hair you’re putting up. You didn’t have to buy it.
Me: Wow *laughing* *golf clap*

Monday, June 29, 2009

Times of Old

I received an anachronistic e-mail this morning from my brother in law reminiscing about the 50's. Every generation thinks the one before was the bees-knees

You want to know the really ironic thing about the ‘reminiscing about the past’ e-mails? You’re sending electronic mail reminiscing about a time when the Internet did not exist.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eventually. . . .

I know this will strike people as strange, but I do not have a digital camera. I obtained my first cell phone just two years ago. I'm being dragged into current time, but damn it, I'm throwing a tantrum like any other 2 year old.

Anyway (I say 'anyway' a lot), I have a camera on order. I also have some super awesome hauls on their way as well. I'll even go back to my last haul from the nearby cosmetics shop, Windflower Cosmetics. You NEED to see my super awesome. . . .wait for it. . . . .DUCKIE ICE BAG! It's so sweet, you don't even know! I'm looking for things to bump into just so I can use it. Then again, it's me, so I don't really need to look.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I love comics. Juvenile, yes.

Then again, I've always said that there are three things that'll always cheer my day:

1) Balloons

2) Stickers

3) Cookies

I'm easy to please.


I'm sure I'm the only person anywhere who could knows where the title for this blog comes from.

"Ah hello! It's nice to see you all here. As the more perceptive of you have probably realised by now, this is Hell, and I am the Devil, good evening, but you can call me Toby, if you like. We try to keep things informal here, as well as infernal. That's just a little joke of mine. I tell it every time. "
~Rowan Atkinson, Rowan Atkinson Live (The Devil's Welcoming Speech)

It was my ability to recite this entire skit, front to back, from memory that I obtained the nickname of 'Toby' among a select few of my high school friend. Of course, these were also the same friends I used to joust with at 10:00 at night in the isles of the video store in which we all worked. I lived Clerks (to a degree).

Anyway, I've never been into making or reading blogs. . . .they take so much time! However, I've found that as time goes on, I've started finding some cool blogs to keep me amused. Fuzkitty will tell you that I talk (from the two long ass e-mails she's received) and I figured that there's so much stupid trivia in my mind, maybe I'll just start writing it down. This will be a mixed blog, but right now I'm really into skin care, makeup, and all things Asian. I, myself, am not Asian, but it's never stopped me before! I don't know that anyone will bother to read what I have to say but just between me and my 23 personalities, it'll be nice to get some information out of my head. Hopefully, one day, eventually (PLEASE!) I'll know what it's like for my mind to shut the hell up for five minutes!

Oh! Stupid-why-do-you-need-to-know-this trivia for the day: Both Giraffes and human beings have the same number of vertebrae in their necks.