Monday, July 13, 2009

Sasa Haul!

Lookie what I found in the mail!

My haul from Sasa! Yay!

Here's what I purchased:

1 ISQUEEN hands kit
2 boxes Naris UP Memotia Wrinkle Eye Mask
2 KOSE Coen Rich Q10 White UV Protector SPF 50+ PA++ Smooth Touch (the silver tubes)
1 The Cancer Council Australia Sun Care Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Gloss
2 KOSE Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Hand & Finger (the orange tubes)
1 Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidation Whitening
1 Silk Whitia Lip Balm Rose Plus Vitamin E Luminous Lip Balm

They sent me some treats too:

1 ISQueen Rice F/G: High Performance Pure Cotton
1 Sasa 100% cotton squares
1 Silk Whitia Quick Moisture Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask

You read that right, Sasa gave me one full box of the Silk Whitia masks free! I'm giving a total shout out to Fuzkittie here. I, too, am addicted to masks and was excited to give Silk Whitia a try on her recommendation. OH MY . . . WOW! My problem with a lot of masks is that they dry up before I'm done; the problem is mainly my forehead, I have to keep wetting it to keep it on the skin. The Silk Whitia came out so drenched in serum that after 20 minutes, there was enough moisture to apply the same mask to my neck for 10 minutes, then 5 minutes on each arm! These are totally worth every penny, my skin was soft and well moisturized without being oily.

I like the hand mask in the hand kit, but I can't use the lotion (the smell makes me sneeze). The mask is nice and thick and I'll pull on my bumble bee cotton gloves so that I can keep doing things during the 15 minutes that the mask is doing it's work. It works pretty well if you can't get in to get a wax hand softening treatment at the salon.

I really like the eye masks. It comes in two separate things: the pads in a container and the serum in a sealed pouch. You combine it after opening the package; it's a good idea because it gives the product longer shelf life. Anyway, I use these on the off days that I'm not using the full face masks. My eyes feel well rested; I don't know if it helps with the lines under my eyes, but I'm not worried about that so much. I've had those eyes since I was little; they are my version of bags, I suppose.

In reference to the lotions, I'm in LOVE! The silver tubes I use on my face; I first apply my principal sunscreen (I'll post on that later), then dab the KOSE on my cheeks, nose, and ears (the places most susceptible to the sun) as well as my neck. It hasn't made me break out, so I'm very happy.

I really wanted to get a before picture of my hands prior to using the Hand & Nail cream. I won't know if it really whitens unless I do. Unfortunately, my camera sucks, so bleh. Anyway, this cream is soooooo thick, I love it! I have one tube at home and one that sits at my desk here at work. I highly recommend it!

Lastly, the lip stuff. I really liked the Silk Whitia; if you like the smell of roses, then this is for you. It doesn't smell as natural as my rosebud salve, but it's not unpleasant, either. It moisturizes beautifully and is great to carry around when you can't carry around the salve. The Australian lip gloss surprised me. It's a peachy color and is rrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllyyyyy shiny! If you like shiny lips, this is perfect for you. I like it, it feels ok, but I'm not really into shiny lips; I keep the uber shine to the center of my lips to make them look fuller. However, the proceeds went to a good cause, so that's pretty good.

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