Monday, July 6, 2009

Skincare routines

I see on a lot of blogs people asking how long it takes before one sees results in their new skincare routine. I suppose it'd different for most people. I am a quadruple threat: very pale, very sensitive, very oily, and prone to acne. Especially if you are prone to acne, the results really take longer. I tend to break out twice a month (at the beginning and end of my Luteal phase). I usually hold off on giving my thumbs up for a beauty product until I've been using it for a month. It could just be that I started to use it during the time where my skin naturally starts to clear up, but then I continue to break out.

Unlike your hair, your skin does not like to continuously change a routine. As anyone who has ever tried Proactive or Accutane; I've never met a person who's tried these things who experienced an immediate improvement. Usually it's quite the opposite, it gets much worse for a few weeks before improvement starts.

My best advice is to be patient. When you try new products, pay attention to how they affect your skin. I'll discuss my current routine and how I figured out what order they should be applied. It's very much a trial and error thing. However, if it burns, stop using it. That's one of the reactions that you shouldn't be patient about. I learned that mistake trying Muriad. Ow.

I won't lie, either. I'm totally jealous of all of you who have 'normal' skin.

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