Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don't want to be here today!

Yup, yet another Saturday here at work, trying desperately to catch up. Eh, at least I still have a job, right? Anyway, on to something short!

Being fair skinned, I am obsessed with skin protection. The last time I had a sunburn I was 13. My sister and I were building an Olympic sized swimming pool for bugs (complete with seashell bleachers) one summer in Galveston, TX. Hey, anyone can build a castle, but it takes talent to figure out where the water table is so that the pool fills it self after a certain depth! I did have sunscreen on, but I moved very little for almost 2 hours while working on the pool. The burn was so bad that when I went back to school, I had to stand at the back of the class because I couldn't sit down. I couldn't participate in gym either because I couldn't change clothes without help and a lot of pain; that I didn't mind so much :). I haven't worn shorts since I was 14, nor sleeveless tops since 15. This includes the 4 years of marching I did in High School; I wore long pants and long sleeved shirts during practice. Because I was in the guard, we had leather gloves that allowed us a better grip. Yeah, I wore leather gloves in the Texas summer heat. I think I was the only one without a farmer's tan by the end of the season.

Ok, that was longer than I anticipated. I didn't remember to take a picture of the body sun screen I used, so I hope I'm forgiven! Below is what I use for my face on a daily basis:

I don't trust the SPF in powder makeup; it's just too easy to miss spaces. I want something dedicated to skin protection. If you've read previous posts, I have oily, sensitive, acne prone, pale skin. It's taken me a long time to find facial sunscreen that works for me. About half an hour before I leave work, I'll go splash my face with water and dab it to remove some of the oil to allow for absorption. Then, back at my desk, I'll use the Acnes SPF 19 PA++ all over my face; don't forget to use a dabbing motion, not a swipe. The KOSE Cosmeport CoenRich Q10 White SPF 50 PA++ is used for the areas on my face that get the most sun. Before I elaborate, I have some trivia!

No one I know has ever answered this correctly: What two places on your body are most likely to develop skin cancer?

Answer: the Nose (duh) and the ears.

No one ever thinks of their ears! However if you wear a cap, your face will be shaded, but what won't? My mum's best friend (who's an RN) told me that. I make sure to apply the Q10 to my nose, cheeks, and ears. Another thing I do to help my skin is I carry an umbrella wherever I go. I call it my portable shade machine. This is the umbrella I use (forgot to take a pic, again!)

It's called the Black Dahlia; not only is it great for rain, but it's also coated with a UV protector (50+) so it's not just blocking the direct sun, but the UV rays as well. When it's 105 Fahrenheit outside, this baby is AWESOME! It'll help prevent sunspots as well; remember that birth control is one of many medicines that make one prone to sun spots.

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