Friday, July 10, 2009

iMomoko haul, YAY!!!

I received some new toys in the mail. . . not many, but new toys.

I purchased two kits of NARIS Up Eggshell + Charcoal Mask. Below are all the samples I received with them! Yay free (the only 4 letter word better than 'sale')!

I tried the mask yesterday; I would have pictures, but my camera is still new and I'm not acquainted with it as of yet. Anyway, I was a little disappointed. I've heard it talked up on all these other sites, but this one didn't do anything more for me than what I've experienced using the Freeman Cucumber peels from Ulta 3 (really inexpensive). I'll have to use it some more to see if maybe it'll help improve my skin in time.

I did notice that I had some temporary pore tightening, but it didn't do much in the way of removing black-heads. Then again, remember I have really oily skin. On the recommendation of Kimoko (read her LiveJournal:Taciturnity Serenity!), I'm going to try Neutrogena's Wave scrubby thing. Maybe using these both in conjunction will provide more results.

Now, what to do with the samples . . . . . .

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