Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eventually. . . .

I know this will strike people as strange, but I do not have a digital camera. I obtained my first cell phone just two years ago. I'm being dragged into current time, but damn it, I'm throwing a tantrum like any other 2 year old.

Anyway (I say 'anyway' a lot), I have a camera on order. I also have some super awesome hauls on their way as well. I'll even go back to my last haul from the nearby cosmetics shop, Windflower Cosmetics. You NEED to see my super awesome. . . .wait for it. . . . .DUCKIE ICE BAG! It's so sweet, you don't even know! I'm looking for things to bump into just so I can use it. Then again, it's me, so I don't really need to look.

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