Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ok, I finally found the list! These are the nail polishes I own. . . .and try to remember to actually use.

1) NutraNail Growth with Aloe - When I just buff my nails, I use this to moisturize my cuticles and to clean the nail bed
2) Sinful Colors in Paris #856 - Love this, but it takes 3 coats to even out the color on my nails. Makes it a pain in my ass to remove, but because it's all glittery, you don't notice chips and nicks
3) O.P.I. in I'm Not Really A Waitress - this has to be my favorite color! Plus, it only takes one coat to cover my nail!
4) FingerPaints in Rub My Feet (only use this on my toes, coincidentally)
5) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Red Carpet - This one is not only inexpensive, but it will also coat the nail in one stroke, it's really awesome!
6) Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Strobe Light - best for a sparkly top coat
7) Total Nail RX Build Me Up - My clear coat polish
Two on top:
8) Lunasol in Beige Pink #15 - I was kind of disappointed in this one. It was waaaaaaaaay too sheer for my nails. I'll probably give it away.
9) Essie in Not Just a Pretty Face - same as above; I could do multiple coats but these two colors are such that if you do multiple coats, they don't like to go on evenly.

With the darker polishes, reds especially, make sure you first apply a clear coat. Not only will it make the polish last longer and provide a smoother surface, but it will prevent the color from staining the nail bed. Have you ever noticed that when you remove red nail polish, your nails will typically have a yellow tone all of a sudden?

I know that I don't have as many polishes as most people, but you'll learn pretty quickly that if something doesn't work for me, I get rid of it pretty quickly. If I'm not going to use it, I'll find someone who can. Yeah, I'm kind of anti-pack rat.

I'm sorry it's been a week since the last post. Mad crazy here at work; I'm going to try to do better!

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