Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love this song :)

A few months ago, when I first received this album (the 2 DVD + Cd, of course), I fell in love with the song you're listening to right now, Just the Way You Are. The video is cute and I like how Kuu-chan has toned down her makeup for it, but there is something about the song that makes me grin when I hear it. It always cheers me up and has a good message (esp if you don't speak Japanese and part of the chorus is all you can understand). I've included Taboo in my playlist because I'm completely addicted with it. I don't care for her look in the beginning of the video, but she looks gorgeous in the pseudo-scout outfit, especially when she gives that little smile when she finds the guys (you'd have to watch to see what I mean).
Here's her video for 'ShowGirl', which I recommend people watching. It's very cute and her makeup is GORGEOUS! I especially like her makeup in the stage show.

Unfortunately, it's not available to add to the playlist. I'll add different songs and rotate out as I think of it :) and they won't all be Kuu-chan, either. As you can see, I have a. . .well. . . .ecclectic taste in music. Unfortunately the site I looked on doesn't have eveyrone I like. I still have no clue how they can have Anna Tsuchiya but not Matt Dusk or The Pierces. It's just kind of random, you know?

. . . .any-hoo. . . . .

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