Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Makeup with Eyeglasses

Fuzkittie had a great article today on doing eye makeup for those with glasses. I suggest you read it!

Her tips were spot on; frames bring the focus to your eyes in the first place so one wants to keep the eye makeup clean and simple. One thing not mentioned, though, is that how you do your make-up also depends on your prescription.

If you are near-sighted (like me!), your lenses will tend to make your eyes appear a little smaller. The opposite is true for far-sighted; not a huge leap, it's like a magnifying glass next to your eye. A near-sighted person would want to create a clean eye with an emphasis on opening the appearance. I have a bit of a double edged sword. I'm near-sighted and also have deep set, somewhat small eyes. I'm just all trouble, aren't I?

Diary of a Shopper has inspired me to do a diddy on my lip care suggestions. I'll post that up when I can take pictures of what I can use :). COME ON CAMERA!


  1. diary of a shopper here! hurry and post up your lip care suggestions! i wanna see! LOL! :D

  2. My camera is set for delivery on Tuesday; as soon as I get it, I'll take some pics and post my suggestions :)