Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet song for the day!

Seriously, I love this band! Both the video below and the song are hilarious and it's a really good album all around. I was plesantly suprised that they were able to get damn near everyone back! It shows that they all have a good sense of humor about having done the movie, especially William Zabka (who played Johnny). Did you know he was actually nominated for an Acadmey Award? For directing, not acting :). Interesting trivia, he really did get into karate after doing the movie and he does all of the 'action' scenes in the video himself.

Enjoy! This will get stuck in your head!

Did you see the shower curtain costume in the video?


  1. Nice song! Never heard of them b4. Perfect for summer I think.

  2. Look up their songs 'Zombie Me' and 'Michael (Jump In)'; awesome car songs.