Saturday, July 11, 2009

FlyAway Jewlery haul. . .SWEET!

I received some jewelry in the mail a couple of days ago. I've been so excited to get these in; unfortunately my pictures just didn't measure up to theirs. Jheneal & Jheanelle, who make these pieces themselves, gave me permission to post theirs. Trust me, the jewelry looks EXACTLY like the pictures, they are GORGEOUS! I did get pictures of the simple but super cute packaging. I had intended these as gifts. . .they are going to be so difficult to give up!
Simple but so very cute!
These are the three pieces I bought:
La Violeta
Secret Garden (the locket works!)
& Off With Her Head

Seriously, check out their stuff, very cute and my kind of girlie: sweet and pretty without giving you a cavity. Plus, they are on their shipping. My order came in only three days!

I'm seriously considering going back to get Parisian Rose for myself :)

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  1. Aww those are sooo pretty!! :D Great haul~ I like your jewelry taste! :D